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Five Nights In Anime

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The concept of evil clockwork toys roaming around with a murderous glint in their plastic eyes proved to be rather successful in the pizza joint setting. And now the whole thing moves to Japan! This time, you’re about to be a guard at a local science fair. And you’ll be up against crazy robots that can turn out to be even more dangerous than the notorious animatronics from FNAF!

Just like FNAF, only Japanese robots this time!

So, Five Nights in Anime takes the familiar plot and sprinkles it with all sorts of Japanese charm. You’ll find yourself all alone at a pavilion where the exhibits are stored throughout the night. And suddenly you’ll see some of the robots move! They’re not only leaving their stands, but also moving right at you. Without waiting for too long to find out what’s on their electronic minds, you have to seek shelter and come up with a plan to survive till morning!

Keep the crazy techs at bay and stay alive!

Just as creepy and suspenseful as FNAF, this game will test your reflexes and nerves. You have to come up with inventive ways to fend off the evil robots using the means at hand. Plunge right into this breathtaking horror adventure and enjoy the thrill!

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