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Alternate Watch Horror

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What about taking a break from traditional races and shooters and have some fun in a cool horror game? We bet you have not tried anything similar to this plot. Do not expect to see monsters here – but still, you will feel enough goosebumps down your back. Are you ready for this unusual experience? Then start playing Alternate Watch horror, an exciting adventure with lots of thrills!

Monitor the premises!

You will see a monitor on the screen. You will be able to connect to surveillance cameras that are installed in someone’s home. The menu allows you to switch between different rooms – a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, bedrooms and a corridor. Each of them is fully furnished and has a lot of minor objects. What is your task? The first step is to remember the positions of furniture, pictures, and even tiny things. Now go through these rooms again. Has anything changed? If you see something weird – you must immediately report it! If you do everything correctly, the anomaly will be removed and you will continue your observation.

Study the report menu

There will be a special tab on the screen – it is marked as a report. Once you click on it, you will see icons of all rooms in this house and possible variants of anomalies. If you see something wrong, you must open this tab, select the room, and select the type of the anomaly. First of all, you will see some objects change their positions – do not leave it without a record. Then you may see some objects are blurry – this is also to be noted. And the scariest moment is when various paranormal entities will start to appear here and there. They all will look like humans but their silhouettes can be distorted. Make sure you immediately press the intruder option to get rid of them. Will you manage to spot all anomalies during your shift? Your result will be displayed in the end. If you are not happy with it – try to start from the very beginning to spot more weird things!

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