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Alternate Watch 2

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Are you in the mood for some horrific stuff? Then Alternate Watch may be a great solution. This is a new game in the horror genre, yet it is absolutely different from other games in this category. What is so special about it and what are you supposed to do here? Keep reading to find out more about this nerve-wracking entertainment! You will surely enjoy this adventure, even if the plot does not offer traditional monsters and jumpscares!

Keep your eyes on the screen!

You are performing a special role. So what is your task? You sit in an empty room with only a monitor. Watch it carefully – you will see someone’s home. It consists of several rooms – kitchen, bedroom, living room, and other premises. Each of them is full of furniture and other interior things. You should keep in mind how they all are positioned. This information is vital if you want to complete your mission flawlessly. The thing is that you need to notice and stop various paranormal anomalies that will soon start to happen in this mysterious dwelling. What can it be? It is literally any change to the original layout! Do you believe something has disappeared from its place – report it! Have you noticed that it is a different picture on the wall – record this change. And so on. You should be extremely attentive not to miss even the slightest anomaly!

Do not give up!

As you progress in the game, the atmosphere gets creepier. You will start to notice not only misplaces things but also strange noises. And what will really make you feel uncomfortable is silhouettes of strange entities that will pop up in different corners. They will surely make your heart beat faster. But do not give in to your fear – do your best to immediately report the intruder. If you do it in time – this creature will not be able to bring you any harm. You must literally watch the monitor without blinking – a strange anomaly can happen anywhere. Check your attentiveness in this weird adventure. In the end of the game, you will find out how many things you managed to spot and have many you overlooked.

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