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FNAF Killer In Purple

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What are you gonna do if you’re stuck in this creepy old pizzeria, and there’s a psycho killer on the loose? You can feel the whole thrill of the situation playing FNAF Killer in Purple! Get ready to face the evil mastermind behind all the animatronics who is now after you!

Something even scarier than animatronics!

The Killer in Purple is no joke. He’s got a creepy purple costume on and he won’t hesitate to kill you. And he seems to have some seriously weird powers cause sometimes you just can get how he can move so fast and stay out of your sight for so long despite all the cameras placed around the pizza joint. It won’t be easy to survive through the night and your life will be at risk all too often. But don’t let that scare you off. You’re a tough cookie, right? You can handle anything this game throws at you. So grab your flashlight, turn your security room into a true fortress and get ready to fight the Killer in Purple off until very dawn!

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