About fun site

Nowadays, you can enjoy a variety of games in a horror genre online. All of them are so exciting that fans get inspired to release their own fan versions of the most popular plots. This site is devoted to fan-created horror adventures that you can enjoy at any time. Choose your best title and start a risky mission which will immediately check your survival skills! Are you a fan of Alternate Watch? Then you will surely like every story here – all of them are full of threats and dangers!

Face various antagonists!

You know well that games with horror elements are impossible without deadly traps or even creepy opponents. Your life is at risk from the first till the last minute of the walkthrough. If you choose to play Alternate Watch, you will get a special role to monitor an unfamiliar apartment on the screen and record various anomalies. You will become a witness of really strange events and even face paranormal entities! Do you already feel goosebumps down your back? And what about seeing terrible monsters face-to-face in FNAF or Choo Choo Charles? Or just trying to maintain your sanity in a weird maze in The Backrooms? You will love them all!

Check your reflexes!

It is impossible to succeed in these games without logic and concentration. The solution is always somewhere on the surface but you will need to think out of the box to find it. And of course, your agility is one of the keys to victory. Make sure you react instantly to all dangers and avoid skillfully masked traps. You need to mislead your opponents and survive at any cost!

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