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Online game selection grows every day. It refers to all genres as players’ tastes become more sophisticated, and the developers need to invent new stories and plots to maintain fans’ attention. However, you do not necessarily need something mega-complicated to attract a big audience. The main thing you need is something unusual and even weird. And this is what you will find in Alternate Watch! This horror game was inspired by such projects as Mandela Catalogue and I’m on Observation Duty. Are you ready for a new experience? It is going to be creepy at some moments! You must be brave!

What is that all about?

You are to perform just one interesting task. You will have to sit in front on the screen that will broadcast what is happening in different rooms. What is the purpose of it? Everything is simple – you must carefully monitor everything that you see on the screen. Usually, it is just an empty room with different furniture. But something will surely start to happen – you are not to miss the slightest move. But who will initiate all these anomalies if there are no people to be seen. These are paranormal activities, and sometimes these can be really frightening. And at a certain moment, you will even doubt your sanity! But do not give up too soon – you must make as few mistakes as possible to pass the level!

Will you record all anomalies?

At first glance, the task does not seem too complicated. You just need to switch between different rooms and memorize the position of all items and furniture. However, it is going to be a real challenge to your brain – now you need to return to these rooms and check whether everything is still the same. You need to be extremely attentive not to miss anything – there a lot of small things here! Once you believe something is misplaced or a new object has appeared, you must immediately report it. Open a special tab, select the room and explain what exactly has caught your attention and report it. It will be unbelievably difficult to keep all this information in your mind. You should react even if you notice that a picture is not hanging straight on the wall. To make the walkthrough even scarier, switch to monochrome version. When the rooms are black and white, the atmosphere turns very creepy. Do not miss a chance to go through this horror experience! If you love thrills and the feeling of fear, this game is excellent for you. Enjoy this horror trial!

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