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Alternate Watch

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Do you love spending time playing horror games that fill you with adrenaline and unforgettable emotions? Then you should not miss a new release in a horror genre – Alternate Watch. You will not see monsters or other villains in this game. Still, the atmosphere is so creepy that your heartrate will surely speed up. If you believe that nothing can scare you to death, it is the right time to test this new adventure. You will love it and emotions it will bring you!

What is your mission?

The is only one task you need to complete here. You will take on the role of a special virtual guard. Your duties are to attentively monitor the screen. With the help of surveillance cameras, you will get access to a remote department. So you need to keep an eye on all the premises and register every strange thing you notice. At first, you should visit each room and study its interior attentively. Try to memorize the position of furniture and different objects. Whenever you see something is mission or moved, you should immediately report your observation. Displacement is only one of a number of issues you can notice. There are other anomalies you may witness – you will find them all in the report menu. Sometimes, you will even face paranormal entities – make sure to record these as well. It will be a serious test to your memory as it is really hard to recollect the original position of all things around. If you made a mistake, you will see the response on the screen that anomaly is not found.

Are you attentive enough?

You will have to spend a whole shift behind the computer trying to spot every weird thing that will appear on the screen. Sometimes, you will feel that your imagination plays some wicked game with you as you will feel suspicious about many different things. You can never know where to expect an anomaly – sometimes even a picture on the wall may change! And what is really scary is paranormal creatures you will face from time to time. You need to immediately report them. You should not ignore anything – whispers, sounds, and even strange reflections in the mirror. These are all anomalies that you need to remove. In the end of the walkthrough, you will receive statistics showing how many anomalies you have noticed and how many you have missed. This entertainment is a great workout for your brain – it will boost your attention and memory skills. Besides, you will enjoy a fresh portion of thrills!

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