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Alternative Watch 3

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Are you looking for a new plot in the horror category? Look no more! We have something to get you fully immersed! It is a horror adventure of a new format. You are not supposed to fight with monsters in this game, but still the walkthrough is packed with thrills and unexpected moments. Do you feel intrigued? Then it is time to open the door to a new experience!

A little about the story

You will take on the role of a person who needs to control the surveillance cameras that are installed in a strange house. You must keep an eye on all the rooms to ensure nothing strange happens here. In other words, you should remember how everything is positioned in each corner to see the anomaly when you return here in some time. What can happen? You are responsible for everything – misplaced or vanished things. Do not hesitate to send a report when you see something new. And of course, there may be intruders!

Do not give in to your fears!

Some findings are going to be really creepy – you will notice strange shadows and hear scary noises and whispers. These are paranormal entities that are entirely unpredictable and really scary. There is only one way to stop them – to report these terrible intruders as soon as possible through a special button. You must be exclusively attentive not to miss wrong things around. Start now to check your reflexes and find out whether you can pick up all the anomalies. It will be a challenge to cope with! Prove you can do it!

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