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Garten Of BanBan 4

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The new chapter of the notorious horror game is already waiting for you! Once again you will set out on a spine-tingling trip through the creepy and abandoned Garten of Banban. As you explore the old kindergarten where kids have gone missing and the toys have come to life, you’ll surely have a chance to test your courage and wits!

Welcome back and beware!

So the goal is to make your way through the building solving puzzles and looking for items that will help you in the future, all while avoid the evil toys that obviously have something to do with all the horrors going on here. But be warned – these creatures are not to be trifled with. They’ll stop at nothing to scare you to death and make sure you never leave the garden.

But you’re not defenseless – you’ll have a few tricks of your own to help you out. Use your flashlight to shine a light on the dark corners and your drone to uncover hidden clues. And if things get really hairy, you can always try to outrun the toys and make a quick escape. Good luck!

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