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Roblox Doors

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Do you like puzzle games? Then you’re going to love Roblox Doors! Here you will find yourself in a room with a bunch of doors, and your goal is to escape. But here’s the catch – the doors are locked, and you need to solve puzzles to unlock them!

Wrong door, again!

The puzzles start off pretty easy, but they get progressively harder as you move through the levels. You’ll need to use your brain to figure out the clues and cope with all the riddles, and you’ll feel like a total genius when you finally figure out the solution.

But don’t worry, the game isn’t all serious brain work. There are some funny and wacky elements thrown in to keep things interesting. For example, some of the doors have crazy animations when you open them, and there are even some secret levels hidden throughout the game. And the best part is multiplayer! So what are you waiting for? Launch Roblox Doors and get ready to escape some crazy rooms!

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