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Everybody longs for a friend. Including this quirky green creature that’s looking at you from the screen. His name is Bitbuddy and he really wants to get to know you better. Together, you’re going to spend some of the silliest and wackiest time of your life!

The strangest friend you’ve had

Bitbuddy has his own idea of hanging out. He has a whole lot of bizarre mini-games to offer. Some of them will challenge you to feed the character which seems to be like a piece of cake, but if you overfeed him, he’s going to die. Actually, Bitbuddy will be dying a lot in this game, so get used to it. And not like it’s permanent – in the next scene, he’ll be alive and kicking again, nagging you with another strange entertainment.

Have fun with Bitbuddy and don’t get too baffled!

So whether you’re in for a fight against a weird-looking bubble fish (and you’re wielding an even weirder-looking pixel sword) or you’re rowing into the sunset with a mysterious look on your green face, Bitbuddy will be with you every step of the way. He won’t want you to leave and will even try to manipulate you into keeping playing with suicidal threats. He’s a nut job all right, but also kind of charming. Enjoy your time with him and have fun!

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