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Choo Choo Charles

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Have you already got your ticket to Choo Choo Charles? Get ready to take a wild ride through the country as you try to outrun the murderous train that is after you! There are plenty of adventures, surprises and fun waiting for you on the way. Start playing right now and see for yourself!

All aboard Choo Choo Charles!!

To put up a good fight, you’ll need to upgrade your own train, collecting materials and completing quests along the way. The better your train, the more likely you are to survive the final showdown with Choo Choo Charles. Pick up any loot that looks even remotely useful for making your locomotive more enduring and fast. As you move through the map, you’ll visit plenty of small towns where locals will gladly shower you with all kinds of assignments. Sometimes the rewards will even be worth it! Things will go a little crazy all too often, so prepare for some cognitive dissonance and of course tons of fun!

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