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The Baby In Yellow

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Are you good with kids? What if you’re trusted with a child that is not quite… usual? The Baby in Yellow is a creepy and atmospheric horror adventure where you play as a babysitter in charge of a little baby in a dark and mysterious house. The catch? The baby is not as innocent as it seems, and strange things start to happen as the night goes on!

What’s wrong with the baby?

The game starts with you coming to the house to babysit the toddler whose parents are off for the weekend. What can go wrong, right? Just wait! Once the baby starts crying, the house goes nuts. It’s nothing short of a poltergeist, and something strange is happening to the kid too. You’ll see him teleport around the place, hang in midair and do all sorts of creepy inhuman stuff that will send shivers down your spine!

Get through the weekend alive and solve the mystery of the house!

Your job is to keep the baby happy and entertained while also uncovering the dark secrets of the house and figuring out what’s really going on. The graphics are stunning, with a mix of realistic and surreal elements that add to the overall eerie feel of the game. Be prepared for jump scares and spine-chilling moments as you explore the house and try to survive the night!

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